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Episode - Treating Blood Cancers: The LLS Podcast Series for Professionals

Blood cancers are complex and multifaceted diseases, requiring knowledge by healthcare professionals on the array of diagnostic tests, treatment therapies, and survivorship issues. The LLS Podcast Series for Professionals provides up-to-date and accurate information on diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship to educate HCPs treating patients with blood cancer. Listen in as we speak with experts who will guide us in understanding these topics, as well as address the importance of clinical trials, side effects management, and other concerns.

Episode - Supporting Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survivors

Join Dr. Tung Wynn from the University of Florida, and Braulio Hernandez, a childhood cancer advocate and AYA survivor of Hodgkin Lymphoma, as they discuss the unique experiences of adolescents and young adults from active treatment to survivorship. Dr. Wynn and Braulio reflect on the physical and psychosocial long-term and late effects of treatment, strategies to support survivors and their families, survivorship guidelines, follow-up care coordination, and resources for clinical staff and for survivors. Listen to this engaging conversation today!

Measuring Quality of Life in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Care

In this episode, Dr. John Salsman from Wake Forest University School of Medicine joins special staff correspondent, Elissa Baldwin, to discuss quality of life in the cancer experience of adolescents and young adults (AYAs), including unique issues that AYAs face. Dr. Salsman offers approaches to questions healthcare providers can ask when communicating with AYAs and clinical resources for physicians and survivors. Tune in today!


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