the driving force behind our organization.

An organization is made up of the faces and hands behind all the good work produced.  We are fortunate to have a host of volunteers that tirelessly dedicate their time, talent, and expertise to this worthy mission.  We are beyond thankful for them! We encourage you to explore our committees and plug-in where you feel passionate.

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The purpose of the Membership Committee is to create relevant member benefits for all AYACC members. This committee also focuses on expanding the AYACC membership through a variety of outreach efforts. Additionally, the committee strives to enhance member engagement and satisfaction by continually assessing and addressing the needs and interests of the community. By joining this committee, members contribute to the growth and vitality of AYACC.


The purpose of the Education Committee is to develop exciting and multi-faceted educational initiatives for all AYACC members. This committee aims to provide high-quality learning experiences through various programs, workshops, and resources that address the diverse needs and interests of the community. By participating in the Education Committee, members play a key role in enhancing the professional development opportunities available within AYACC.


The purpose of the Program Planning Committee at AYACC is to organize the annual meeting, ensuring it includes diverse and engaging programs. The committee's efforts are vital in creating an event that promotes professional growth, networking, and knowledge sharing among members. By participating, committee members help shape a valuable experience for all attendees.


The purpose of the Development Committee is to establish and maintain partnerships that ensure the financial stability of AYACC and support the fulfillment of our mission. This committee works to identify and secure funding opportunities, fostering relationships with donors and sponsors. By joining the Development Committee, members contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of AYACC.

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